Historic formulae allow you to work with basic market data or calculated results for prior dates. The basic types are as follows:

xlqh... Historic Formulae

xlqh formulae all have the same syntax, i.e. =xlqhFunctionName("Symbol","Date Reference", "Source") e.g. =xlqhClose("msft","2/2/2015","yahoo"). No additional parameters are required as all calculations are performed when the data is retrieved based on settings in xlq preferences.

All xlqh... formulae return daily results but are also available as xlqhw (weekly) and xlqhm (monthly) versions. Many of these formulae are also available as xlqXh versions.

xlqXh... Historic Formulae

xlqXh formulae allow for additional parameters to be specified, allowing you to perform any calculation 'on the fly' with no limit on the variations. The syntax is =xlqXhFunctionName("Symbol","Date Reference", "any additional parameters", "Source"). The number of additional parameters will vary depending on the formula e.g. =xlqXhSMA("msft",-1,20,"yahoo") will return a 20 day simple moving average for Microsoft from Yahoo for the last close (due to -1).

Weekly (xlqxhw...) and monthly (xlqxhm...) versions are also available.

xlqRh... Historic Range Formulae

xlqRh formulae allow for 2 date reference parameters, allowing you to perform any calculation 'on the fly' for a given start and end date. The syntax is =xlqRhFunctionName("Symbol","Start Date Reference", "End Date Reference", "any additional parameters", "Source"). The number of additional parameters will vary depending on the formula e.g. =xlqRhTotalVolume("aapl",-3,-1,"eodhd") will return sum of the volume starting from 3 trading days ago to the last day (i.e. 3 days) for Apple from EODHD.

Weekly (xlqrhw...) and monthly (xlqrhm...) versions are also available.

  • Historic formulae can work with real dates, as well as relative dates, and can be entered as part of the formulae or referenced in another cell.
  • When providing real dates, data will be returned for the specified date, unless it falls on a holiday or weekend, and in such a case results will be returned for the prior trading day. Real dates can be referenced directly in other cells, but when entered directly in a formula would need to be in quotes e.g. xlqhOpen("ibm","3/5/2015","yahoo"). The order of day and month would depend on your computer's settings.
  • Relative dates (-X) will always return trading days, with -1 being last close, -2 the day before etc e.g. =xlqhHigh("fb",-10,"iqfeed"). Will return the high for the day 10 trading days ago. and =xlqhDate("fb",-10,"iqfeed") will return the date referenced, and the excel cell can be formatted as needed..
  • When working with weekly or monthly formulae, any date for the week / month may be used to return results, and a relative -1 date would return the last partial week or month, and -2 the one before.
  • xlqXh formulae and basic xlqh formulae (Open, High, Low etc.) allow for a 0 date to be specified. This is a special case allowing the last real-time price to be used as the end of series calculation, bringing any calculation up to the last price e.g. =xlqxhRSI("amzn",0,14,"tda") will return a 14 day relative strength index calculation up until and including the last real-time price from TDAmeritrade
  • Yahoo - provide daily weekly and monthly historic data for many exchanges and products. Like the other sources, their close is adjusted for splits but you can choose in xlq preferences to have their dividend adjusted close returned, and have xlq adjust the open, high and low accordingly.
  • IB - Interactivebrokers provide daily and weekly historic data for the many worldwide exchanges and products they cover, including for equities, indexes, options, futures, forex etc etc.
  • IQFeed - provide daily, weekly and monthly historic data for the many exchanges and products they cover, including for equities, indexes, options, futures, forex etc etc.
  • TDA - TDAmeritrade provide daily, weekly and monthly data for US equities and indexes.
  • Tiingo - provide daily, weekly and monthly data for US and Chinese equities, funds and crypto currencies. Data can be adjusted for dividends.
Additional xlq2 sources
  • EODHD - provide daily, weekly, monthly historic data adjusted as wished for over 60 exchanges, including forex, cryptos, commodities etc. along with historic dividends, splits, earnings, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and, shares outstadning, options and more. Upcoming dividends, splits, earnings, estimates and target pricing.
    For more information on EODHD click HERE
  • Norgate - provide daily, weekly and monthly historic data for US and Australian Equities and Indexes as well as Forex, Futures and more. Data can be adjusted as wished. Can include data back till 1950 including for delisted symbols. Historic dividends. Constituent lists, as well as historic constituent information.
  • Stockwatch - provide daily historic data for US and Canadian Equities, Indexes and Options. Data is retrieved per market day and per exchange and not by symbol.


xlq2Lite and xlq2

Basic  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
Open Opening price
Close Closing price
Low Low for the period
High High for the period
Volume Volume for the period
Change Change since prior periods close
ChangePercent Change as a percent
Date Date for the request
AdjustedClose Close adjusted for splits and dividends (Yahoo only)
UnadjustedClose Unadjusted close including for splits (Yahoo only)
NoOfTrades Number of trades (IB only)
WAP Weighted Average Price (IB only)
OpenInterest Open Interest depending on symbol (IQFeed only)
Last Update Returns the date / time of last update. (no date parameter)
NoOfPeriods Returns the the total number of periods currently stored in xlq for the specified symbol (no date parameter)
EarliestDate Returns the date of the earliest period currently stored in xlq for the specified symbol (no date parameter)
ValidDateOrNext Returns the date if the market was open, if not returns the next date the market was open.
DateIndex Returns the relative (-X) date for a specific date in the past, may be used as the start / end point for a series of data.
SymbolsToProcess If data is being requested returns the number of symbols still being processed (no symbol or date parameter)
Delete Allows for a symbol to be removed from the xlq data engine programatically (no date parameter)
Averages  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
StdDev returns the standard deviation over X periods. May be calculated on different Types
Mean returns a simple moving average for X periods. May be calculated on different Types
Median returns the median for X periods. May be calculated on different Types
SMA Simple moving average of close based on parameter
SMAx Simple moving average of close based on preference settings
SMAy Another Simple moving average of close based on preference settings
EMA Exponential moving average of close based on parameter
EMAx Exponential moving average of close based on preference settings
EMAy Another Exponential moving average of close based on preference settings
EMA12 12 period Exponential moving average (may be changed in preferences)
EMA26 26 period Exponential moving average (may be changed in preferences)
AveVolume simple moving average of volume based on parameter
AveVolumeEMA Exponential moving average of volume based on parameter
FlexAve Type of average and Type of data used depend on parameters
FlexAveSlope Slope of FlexAve, can specify alternate No. of Periods than for Average
FlexAveIntercept Intercept of FlexAve, as per Slope
FlexAveStdDev Standard Deviation of Average
Calculations  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
Range Difference between High and Low
AveRange (14) period Average of the Range
AveRangeEMA Exponential Moving Average of the Range
TrueRange Greater of the absolute difference between the 1)High and Low, 2) High and Prior Close, 3) Low and Prior Close.
AveTrueRange (14) period Average of the True Range
AveTrueRange2 weighted (Wilder) Average of the True Range
AveTrueRangeEMA Exponential Moving Average of the True Range
ATRPercent an X period Average (sma) True Range as a % of the last close for the range. The result is also available as a Type parameter for other formulae
WeightedPrice i.e. (open + high + low + close) / 4
TypicalPrice i.e. (high + low + close) / 3
SMATP Simple Moving Average of the Typical Price
RateOfReturn (close – X period prior close) / X period prior close *100
Streak returns the number of consecutive up or down periods, xlqxh.. may be calculated on different Types
PercentRank returns the percentile rank over the specified periods (default 100). May be calculated on different Types
Aroon Up Aroon Up based on high.
Aroon Down Aroon Down based on low.
Aroon Oscillator Difference between Aroon Up and Down
ADX (Average Directional Index)
DMPositive The Positive Directional Movement. i.e. the largest portion of the periods range outside the previous periods range moving in a positive direction
DMNegative the Negative Directional Movement. i.e. the largest portion of the periods range outside the previous periods range moving in a negative direction
DIPositive The Positive Directional Indicator i.e. the positive directional movement / true range.
DINegative The Negative Directional Indicator i.e. the negative directional movement / true range.
DMIPositive The Positive Directional Movement Indicator i.e. an ema of the directional indicator (i.e. ema of DM+ / ema of True Range).
DMINegative The Negative Directional Movement Indicator i.e. an ema of the directional indicator (i.e. ema of DM- / ema of True Range).
DX The Directional Index i.e. (abs(DMI+ - DMI-)) / (DMI+ + DMI-) * 100
ADX The Average Directional Index i.e. an ema of the DX.
Bollinger Bands  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
BollingerBandsUpper The Upper band of the BB calculation. The default is 20 periods with stddev multiplier of 2, and may be calculated on different Types
BollingerBandsMiddle The Middle band of the BB calculation. Fractional Mulipliers may be used
BollingerBandsLower The Lower band of the BB calculation.
BollingerBandsB The %B Bollinger Bands calculation.
BollingerBandsWidth The bandwidth of the BB calculation.
Note: multiplier is entered as an integer but fractions may be entered as follows:
values over 10 will be divided by 10, e.g. 21 will be 2.1
values over 100 will remove 100 and divide by 10, i.e. 121 will be 2.1 109 will be .9
values over 1000 will remove 1000 and divide by 100 i.e. 1210 will be 2.1, 1215 will be 2.15
CCI (Commodity Channel Index)
SMATPMD mean deviation of the SMATP (sma of typical price)
CCI The Commodity Channel Index
Connors RSI
ConnorsRSI Connors Relative Strength Index. Default RSI periods = 3, RSI Streak Periods = 2, Percent Rank periods = 100.
ReverseConnorsRSI returns the price required to obtain the target Connors RSI. Requires the number of periods for the rsi, the streak rsi the Percent Rank and the CRSI target. The Target should be entered as an integer. e.g. 60. If you would like to enter 60.5 use 605, or for 2 decimals 6055 for 60.55
Force Index
ForceIndex returns the Force index (default uses a 13 period ema)
Fractal Dimension Index
FractalDimension returns the Fractal Dimension Index (usually 30 periods)
Historic Volatility  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
HistoricVolatility returns the historic volatility. The default being for 30 periods and an annualized (252 day) scale factor.
Kaufman Efficiency Ratio
KaufmanER Kaufman Efficiency Ratio. The default is 10 periods, and may be calculated on various Types
Keltner Channels
KeltnerChannelsLower Returns the lower Keltner Channel. Default 20 Periods, 10 ATR periods, multiplier of 2, using an EMA
Fractional multipliers may be used - see BollingerBands for an example
KeltnerChannelsMiddle Returns the middle Keltner Channel.
KeltnerChannelsUpper Returns the upper Keltner Channel.
LSMA (Least Square Moving Average) also known as the linear regression value, moving linear regression and regression oscillator.
LSMA Least Square Moving Average. May be calculated on various Types
Slope Slope used in the LSMA
MaxLSMA Returns the Max of Least Square Moving Average for all periods between the 2 period ranges specified. The LSMA will be calculated for each and the maximum value for each result is returned
MACD (Moving Average Convergence - Divergence)  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
MACD MACD (usually 26 / 12 period)
MACDTrigger X period EMA of MACD (default 9)
MACDHistogram Difference between MACD and MACDTrigger
Money Flow Index
MoneyFlowRaw Raw Money Flow (Typical Price * Volume)
MoneyFlowRatio Money Flow Ratio
MoneyFlowIndex Money Flow Index
On Balance Volume (OBV)
OnBalanceVolume (default 25) May be calculated on various Types and the result is also available as a Type parameter for other formulae
PSAR (Parabolic Stop and Reverse)
PSAR Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reverse) Default acceleration factor 2% (.02), maximum step 20% (.2)
PSARLongShort If long, return 1, if short returns -1
PPO (Percentage Price Oscillator)
PPO the PPO (Percentage Price Oscillator) (usually 26 / 12 period)
PPOTrigger X period EMA of PPO (default 9)
PPOHistogram Difference between PPO and PPOTrigger
RSI (Relative Strength Index)
AveGain Average of Gains over X periods
AveLoss Average of Losses over X periods
RelativeStrength Relative Strength, i.e. AveGain / AveLoss
RSI Relative Strength Index, i.e. RelativeStrength as a value between 0 and 100.
ReverseRSI the Reverse RSI, i.e. returns the price required to obtain the specified RSI. Requires no. of periods and target RSI. The Target should be entered as an integer. e.g. 60. If you would like to enter 60.5 use 605, or for 2 decimals 6055 for 60.55
Stochastic Oscillator  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
StochasticFastK Stochastic %K (fast) for the x period (default 14)
StochasticFastD Stochastic %D (fast) the y period SMA of the stochastic %K (fast) (default 3)
StochasticSlowK Stochastic %K (slow) i.e. 3 period sma of the %K fast
StochasticSlowD Stochastic %D (slow) i.e. the y period moving average of the stochastic %K (slow) (default 3)
StochasticFullK Stochastic %K (full) i.e. y period sma of the %K fast
StochasticFullD Stochastic %D (full i.e. the z period moving average of the stochastic %K (full) (default 3)
Super Trend  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
SuperTrend Super Trend by Olivier Seban  (default 10). Can choose ATR calculation method
TRIX (Triple eXponential moving average)
TrixDbMA the partial calculation of the Trix, i.e the double EMA or the EMA of the first EMA.
TrixTrMA the partial calculation of the Trix, i.e. the Triple EMA or the EMA of the double EMA.
Trix the Triple EMA (usually 15 period)
TrixTrigger X period EMA of Trix (default 9)
TrixHistogram Difference between Trix and TrixTrigger
True Strength Index
TrueStrengthIndex the True Strength Index (usually 25 / 13 EMA periods).
TrueStrengthSignal X period EMA of True Strength Index (default 7).
TrueStrengthHistogram Difference between Index and Signal
Up Down Volume Ratio
UDVR the Up Down Volume Ratio (usually 50 periods).
UDVRSlope Slope of the Up Down Volume Ratio.
Vortex Indicator
VortexPositive the trend of the positive vortex (usually 14 period)
VortexNegative the trend of the negative vortex (usually 14 period)
Williams %R Momentum Indicator
WilliamsR Williams %R Momentum Indicator (default 14)
Dividends  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
DividendDate returns the ex dividend date
DividendPaidDate returns the dividend paid date
DividendRecordDate returns the dividend date of record
DividendDeclaredDate returns the date the dividend was declared
DividendAmount returns the dividend amount
DividendAmountAdjusted returns the adjusted dividend amount
DividendFrankedPcnt returns the dividend Franked Percent (Norgate-AU only)
DividendType returns the dividend type
DividendCurrency returns the currency
DividendDateIndex Get relative reference for a date
DividendValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Upcoming Dividends also returned for EODHD
Splits (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
SplitDate returns the split date
SplitFactor returns the split factor
SplitReason returns the split reason / ratio
SplitDateIndex Get relative reference for a date
SplitValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Upcoming Splits also returned for EODHD
Target Price (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
AnalystRating returns the analyst rating
AnalystTargetPrice Analyst Target Pricee
AnalystStrongBuy Analyst Strong Buy
AnalystBuy Analyst Buy
AnalystHold Analyst Hold
AnalystSell Analyst Sell
AnalystStrongSell Analyst Strong Sell
WallStreetTargetPrice Wall Street Target Price
Earnings Trend (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
EarningsTrendFiscalEndDate Fiscal End Date
EarningsTrendPeriod period
EarningsTrendGrowth Growth
EarningsTrendEarningsEstimateAvg Average Earnings Estimate
EarningsTrendEarningsEstimateLow Low Earnings Estimate
EarningsTrendEarningsEstimateHigh High Earnings Estimate
EarningsTrendEarningsEstimateYearAgoEPS Earnings Estimate Year Ago EPS
EarningsTrendEarningsEstimateNumberOfAnalysts Earnings Estimate Number Of Analysts
EarningsTrendEarningsEstimateGrowth Earnings Estimate Growth
EarningsTrendRevenueEstimateAvg Revenue Estimate Avg
EarningsTrendRevenueEstimateLow Revenue Estimate Low
EarningsTrendRevenueEstimateHigh Revenue Estimate High
EarningsTrendRevenueEstimateYearAgoEPS Revenue Estimate Year Ago EPS
EarningsTrendRevenueEstimateNumberOfAnalysts Revenue Estimate Number Of Analysts
EarningsTrendRevenueEstimateGrowth Revenue Estimate Growth
EarningsTrendEPSTrendCurrent EPS Trend Current
EarningsTrendEPSTrend7DaysAgo EPS Trend 7 Days Ago
EarningsTrendEPSTrend30DaysAgo EPS Trend 30 Days Ago
EarningsTrendEPSTrend60DaysAgo EPS Trend 60 Days Ago
EarningsTrendEPSTrend90DaysAgo EPS Trend 90 Days Ago
EarningsTrendEPSRevisionsUpLast7Days EPS Revisions Up Last 7 Days
EarningsTrendEPSRevisionsUpLast30Days EPS Revisions Up Last 30 Days
EarningsTrendEPSRevisionsDownLast30Days EPS Revisions Down Last 30 Days
EarningsTrendEPSRevisionsDownLast90Days EPS Revisions Down Last 90 Days
EarningsTrendDateIndex Get relative reference for a date
EarningsTrendValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Upcoming Earnings also returned for EODHD
Earnings Quarterly (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
EarningsQFiscalEndDate Fiscal date
EarningsQReportDate Report date
EarningsQEPSActual Actual eps for the earnings period
EarningsQEPSEstimated Estimated EPS
EarningsQEPSSurprise EPS surprise ($) for the earnings period
EarningsQEstimatedChangePercent Estimated EPS percent change
EarningsQAnnounceTime Announce Time
EarningsQCurrency Currency
EarningsQDateIndex Get relative reference for a date
EarningsQValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Upcoming Earnings also returned for EODHD
Earnings Yearly (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqh..  Week/Month
EarningsYFiscalEndDate Fiscal date
EarningsYEPSActual Actual eps for the earnings period
EarningsYDateIndex Get relative reference for a date
EarningsYValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Historic Short Interest (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqh..  Week/Month
ShortInterestDate Short Interest Date
ShortInterest Short Interest
ShortInterestVolume Short Interest Volume
ShortInterestDateIndex Get relative reference for a date
ShortInterestValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Option Dates (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqh..  Week/Month
OptionDateDate Option Expiry Date
OptionDateImpliedVolatility Implied Volatility for Date
OptionDateCount Number of Stirkes for Date
OptionDateDateIndex relative reference of date
OptionDateValidDateOrNext Returns the next valid datee
Can find the prior or next expiry date from a given date
Option Strikes (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqh..  Week/Month
OptionStrikeOnDate referenced Strike On given Date
OptionStrikeOnDateIndex relative reference of strike price
OptionValidStrikeOrNext Returns the next valid strike price
Can find the prior or next strike from a given price
Option Strikes (EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqh..  Week/Month
Referenced by Date, Strike and Call / Put
OptionDate Returns the Date Referenced
OptionStrike Returns the Strike Referenced
OptionCurrency Returns the Currency
OptionDaysBeforeExpiry Returns the Number of Days Before Expiry
OptionContractName Returns the Option Contract Name
OptionContractSize Returns the Option Contract Size
OptionInTheMoney Indicates if Option is In The Money
OptionLastTraderTime Returns the Last Trader Time
OptionLastPrice Returns the Last Price
OptionBid Returns the Bid
OptionAsk Returns the Ask
OptionChange Returns the Change
OptionChangePercent Returns the Change Percent
OptionVolume Returns the Volume
OptionOpenInterest Returns the Open Interest
OptionImpliedVolatility Returns the Implied Volatility
OptionDelta Returns the Delta
OptionGamma Returns the Gamma
OptionTheta Returns the Theta
OptionVega Returns the Vega
OptionRho Returns theRho
OptionTheoretical Returns the Theoretical Value
OptionIntrinsicValue Returns the Intrinsic Value
OptionTimeValue Returns the Time Value
OptionUpdateTime Returns the Update Time
Can construct entire chains, example in xlq2Demo.xlsx
Balance Sheet (EODHD)  Quarterly and Yearly  xlqhbsq..  xlqhbsy..  Week/Month
FiscalDate returns the fiscal date referenced
ReportDate returns the report date
CurrentCash Current Cash
ShorttermInvestments Shortterm Investments
Receivables Receivables
Inventory Inventory
OtherCurrentAssets Other Current Assets
CurrentAssets Current Assets
LongtermInvestments Longterm Investments
PropertyPlantEquipment Property Plant and Equipment
Goodwill Goodwill
IntangibleAssets Intangible Assets
OtherAssets Other Assets
TotalAssets Total Assets
AccountsPayable Accounts Payable
CurrentLongtermDebt Current Longterm Debt
OtherCurrentLiabilities Other Current Liabilities
TotalCurrentLiabilities Total Current Liabilities
LongtermDebt Longterm Debt
OtherLiabilities Other Liabilities
TotalLiabilities Total Liabilities
CommonStock Common Stock
RetainedEarnings Retained Earnings
TreasuryStock Treasury Stock
CapitalSurplus Capital Surplus
ShareholderEquity Shareholder Equity
NetTangibleAssets Net Tangible Assets
Currency Currency
EarningAssets Earning Assets
DeferredLongTermLiabilites Deferred Long Term Liabilites
ShortTermDebt Short Term Debt
ShortLongTermDebtTotal Short Long Term Debt Total
OtherStockholderEquity Other Stockholder Equity
TotalPermanentEquity Total Permanent Equity
NonControllingInterestInConsolidatedEntity Non Controlling Interest In Consolidated Entity
TemporaryEquityRedeemableNoncontrollingInterests Temporary Equity Redeemable Noncontrolling Interests
AccumulatedOtherComprehensiveIncome Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
AdditionalPaidInCapital Additional Paid In Capital
CommonStockTotalEquity Common Stock Total Equity
PreferredStockTotalEquity Preferred Stock Total Equity
RetainedEarningsTotalEquity Retained Earnings Total Equity
AccumulatedAmortization Accumulated Amortization
NonCurrentAssetsOther Non Current Assets Other
DeferredLongTermAssetCharges Deferred Long Term Asset Charges
NonCurrentAssetsTotal Non Current Assets Total
CapitalLeaseObligations Capital Lease bligations
LongTermDebtTotal Long Term Debt Total
NonCurrentLiabilitiesOther Non Current Liabilities Other
NonCurrentLiabilitiesTotal Non Current Liabilities Total
NegativeGoodwill Negative Goodwill
Warrants Warrants
PreferredStockRedeemable Preferred Stock Redeemable
LiabilitiesAndStockholdersEquity Liabilities And Stockholders Equity
CashAndShortTermInvestments Cash And Short Term Investments
PropertyPlantAndEquipmentGross Property Plant And Equipment Gross
AccumulatedDepreciation Accumulated Depreciation
CommonStockSharesOutstanding Common Stock Shares Outstanding
NetDebt Net Debt
NetWorkingCapital Net Working Capital
NetInvestedCapital Net Invested Capital
DateIndex Get relative reference for a date
ValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Income Statement (EODHD)  Quarterly and Yearly  xlqhisq..  xlqhisy..  Week/Month
FiscalDate returns the fiscal date referenced
ReportDate returns the report date
TotalRevenue Total Revenue
CostOfRevenue Cost Of Revenue
GrossProfit Gross Profit
ResearchAndDevelopment Research And Development
SellingGeneralAndAdmin Selling General And Admin
OperatingExpense Operating Expense
OperatingIncome Operating Income
OtherIncomeExpenseNet Other Income Expense Net
Ebit Ebit
InterestIncome Interest Income
PretaxIncome Pretax Income
IncomeTax Income Tax
MinorityInterest Minority Interest
NetIncome Net Income
Currency Currency
EffectOfAccountingCharges Effect Of Accounting Charges
NonOperatingIncomeNetOther Non Operating Income Net Other
OtherOperatingExpenses Other Operating Expenses
InterestExpense Interest Expense
TaxProvision Tax Provision
NetInterestIncome Net Interest Income
ExtraordinaryItems Extraordinary Items
NonRecurring Non Recurring
Other Items rCurrency
DiscontinuedOperations Discontinued Operations
NetIncomeFromContinuingOps Net Income From Continuing Ops
NetIncomeApplicableToCommonShares Net Income Applicable To Common Shares
PreferredStockAndOtherAdjustments Preferred Stock And Other Adjustments
SellingAndMarketingExpenses Selling And Marketing Expenses
ReconciledDepreciation Reconciled Depreciation
Ebitda Ebitda
DepreciationAndAmortization Depreciation And Amortization
DateIndex Get relative reference for a date
ValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Cash Flow (EODHD)  Quarterly and Yearly  xlqhcfq..  xlqhcfy..  Week/Month
FiscalDate returns the fiscal date referenced
ReportDate returns the report date
NetIncome Net Income
Depreciation Depreciation
ChangesInReceivables Changes In Receivables
ChangesInInventories Changes In Inventories
CashChange Cash Change
CapitalExpenditures Capital Expenditures
Investments Investments
InvestingActivityOther Investing Activity Other
TotalInvestingCashflows Total Investing Cashflows
DividendsPaid Dividends Paid
NetBorrowings Net Borrowings
OtherFinancingCashflows Other Financing Cashflows
CashflowFinancing Cashflow Financing
ExchangerateEffect Exchangerate Effect
Currency Currency
BeginPeriodCashFlow Begin Period Cash Flow
EndPeriodCashFlow End Period Cash Flow
ChangeToLiabilities Change To Liabilities
ChangeToOperatingActivities Change To Operating Activities
TotalCashFromOperatingActivities Total Cash From Operating Activities
ChangeToAccountReceivables Change To Account eceivables
SalePurchaseOfStock Sale Purchase Of Stock
ChangeToNetIncome Change To Net Income
CashFlowsOtherOperating Cash Flows Other Operating
CashAndCashEquivalentsChanges Cash And Cash Equivalents Changes
ChangeInWorkingCapital Change In Working Capital
OtherNonCashItems Other Non Cash Items
FreeCashFlow Free Cash Flow
DateIndex Get relative reference for a date
ValidDateOrNext Find the next date from reference
Indexes and Constituents (Norgate and EODHD)  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
IsMemberOfIndex returns Yes/No to test if a symbol is part of a specific index. Can also test if symbol was a member in the past.
IsMemberOfIndexOnDate returns Yes/No to test if a symbol was a part of an index on a specific date.
IndexConstituentCount returns a total symbols count for an index (current or including historic)
IndexConstituentSymbol returns the constituent symbols of an index (current or including historic)
MemberOfIndexCount returns the number of indexes that a symbol is a member (current or including historic)
MemberOfIndexSymbol returns the index symbols for which the symbol is a member (current or including historic)
Norgate Extra  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
Name returns the name
Exchange returns the exchange
Description returns a description
FirstDate returns the first available date
LastDate returns the last date available
RecordCount returns the number of records / periods
AssetType returns an asset type description
GICS returns the Global Industry Classification Standard code
Currency returns the trading currency
DividendRate returns the dividend rate
EPS returns the latest EPS
FrankedPcnt returns the Franked Percent (AU only)
ExpiryDate returns the expiry date (AU only)
ExercisePrice returns the exercise price (AU only)
ExerciseType returns the exercise type (AU only)
SharesPerContract returns the no. of shares per contract (AU only)
Issue Issue
Norgate returns over 150 different financial / fundamental values depending on parameter such as beta, float, shares outstanding, revenue per share...
EODHD Extra  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
Name Name
Exchange Exchange
AssetType Asset Type
Currency Currency
CurrencyName Currency Name
CurrencySymbol Currency Symbol
CountryName Country Name
CountryISO Country ISO
EmployerIDNumber Employer ID Number
FiscalYearEnd Fiscal Year End
IPO Date IPODate
International Domestic International / Domestic
Sector Sector
Industry Industry
GICSector GIC Sector
GICGroup GIC Group
GICIndustry GIC Industry
GICSubIndustry GIC Sub Industry
HomeCategory Home Category
IsDelisted Is Delisted
Phone Phone
Website Website
Ceo Ceo
AddressStreet Address Street
AddressCity Address City
AddressCountry Address Country
AddressZip Address Zip
EODHDUpdateDate EODHD Update Date
NoOfEmployees No Of Employees
MarketCap Market Cap
MarketCapMln Market Cap Mln
PERatio PERatio
PEGRatio PEGRatio
WallStreetTargetPrice WallStreetTargetPrice
BookValue BookValue
DividendShare Dividend Share
DividendYield Dividend Yield
EPSEstimateCurrentYear EPS Estimate Current Year
EPSEstimateNextYear EPS Estimate Next Year
EPSEstimateNextQuarter EPS Estimate Next Quarter
EPSEstimateCurrentQuarter EPS Estimate Current Quarter
MostRecentQuarter Most Recent Quarter
ProfitMargin Profit Margin
OperatingMarginTTM Operating Margin TTM
ReturnOnAssetsTTM Return On Assets TTM
ReturnOnEquityTTM Return On Equity TTM
RevenueTTM Revenue TTM
RevenuePerShareTTM Revenue Per Share TTM
QuarterlyRevenueGrowthYOY Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY
GrossProfitTTM Gross Profit TTM
DilutedEpsTTM Diluted Eps TTM
QuarterlyEarningsGrowthYOY Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY
TrailingPE Trailing PE
ForwardPE ForwardPE
PriceSalesTTM Price Sales TTM
PriceBookMRQ Price Book MRQ
EnterpriseValueRevenue Enterprise Value Revenue
EnterpriseValueEbitda Enterprise Value Ebitda
SharesOutstanding Shares Outstanding
Float Float
PercentInsiders Percent Insiders
PercentInstitutions Percent Institutions
SharesShort Shares Short
SharesShortPriorMonth Shares Short Prior Month
ShortRatio Short Ratio
ShortPercentOutstanding Short Percent Outstanding
ShortPercentFloat Short Percent Float
Beta Beta
Week52high Week 52 high
Week52low Week 52 low
Day200MovingAvg Day 200 Moving Avg
Day50MovingAvg Day 50 Moving Avg
xDividendRate Dividend Rate
Next Dividend Pay Date Payout Ratio
NextExDividendDate Next Ex Dividend Date
LastSplitFactor Last Split Factor
LastSplitDate Last Split Date
Bonds (extra formulae for)
BondYield Bond Yield (daily)
WKN Wertpapierkennnummer
Sedol Sedol
FIGI Financial Instrument Global Identifier
BondType Bond Type
DebtType Debt Type
SubProductAsset Sub Product Asset
Sub Product Asset Type SubProductAssetType
MoodyRating Moody Rating
MoodyRatingUpdateDate Moody Rating Update Date
SPRating Standard & Poors Credit Rating
SPRatingUpdateDate SP Rating Update Date
Coupon Coupon
LastPrice Last Price
LastTradeDate Last Trade Date
MaturityDate Maturity Date
YieldToMaturity Yield To Maturity
Callable Callable
NextCallDate Next Call Date
MinimumSettlementAmount Minimum Settlement Amount
ParIntegralMultiple Par Integral Multiple
IssueDate Issue Date
OfferingDate Offering Date
FirstCouponDate First Coupon Date
FirstTradingDay First Trading Day
CouponPaymentFrequency Coupon Payment Frequency
Cryptos (extra formulae for)
MarketCapitalizationDiluted Market Cap Diluted
CirculatingSupply Circulating Supply
TotalSupply Total Supply
MaxSupply Max Supply
MarketCapDominance Market Ca pDominance
LowAllTime Alltime Low
HighAllTime Alltime High
ETFs (extra formulae for)
Yield Yield
DividendPayingFrequency Dividend Paying Frequency
InceptionDate Inception Date
OngoingCharge Ongoing Charge
OngoingChargeDate Ongoing Charge Date
ExpenseRatio Expense Ratio
AnnualHoldingsTurnover Annual Holdings Turnover
TotalAssets Total Assets
AverageMktCapMil Average MktCap Mil
Mutual Funds (extra formulae for)
Category Category
Style Style
PortfolioNetAssets Portfolio Net Assets
ShareClassNetAssets Share Class Net Assets
InceptionDate Inception Date
Yield Yield
YieldYTD Yield YTD
Yield1YearYTD Yield 1Year YTD
Yield3YearYTD Yield 3Year YTD
Yield5YearYTD Yield 5Year YTD
ExpenseRatio ExpenseRatio
ExpenseRatioDate Expense Ratio Date
Other  Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month
Symbol returns the symbol referenced by a numeric value !1, !2 for loop processing
SymbolCount returns the number of symbols currently in xlq for the source
 Description  xlqh..  xlqxh..  Week/Month

Range Formulae

Start with =xlqRh, allow for 2 date reference parameters. All are also available in week and month formats.

Included with xlq2Lite and xlq2
RateOfReturn Rate of return (%Change) between the start and end dates specified
StdDev Standard deviation given a start and end date. May be calculated on different Types
Mean Simple moving average given a start and end date. May be calculated on different Types
Median The median given a start and end date. May be calculated on different Types
HighestClose Highest close within a range of dates
LowestCLose Lowest close within a range of dates
HighestHigh Highest high within a range of dates
LowestLow Lowest low within a range of dates
HighestCloseDate Date of the highest close within a range of dates
LowestCloseDate Date of the lowest close within a range of dates
HighestHighDate Date of the highest high within a range of dates
LowestLowDate Date of the lowest low within a range of dates
HighestVolume Highest volume within a range of dates
LowestVolume Date of the lowest volume within a range of dates
HighestVolumeDate Date of the highest volume within a range of dates
LowestVolumeDate Date of the lowest volume within a range of dates
AveVolume Average (SMA) volume within a range of dates
TotalVolume Total or sum of each periods volume within a range of dates
DrawDownFromHighest Returns the % drawdown from the highest value in the period range to the end value. May be calculated on different Types. When Close is specified, the drawdown will be from the highest close in the range to the last close of the range. For the other values, it will be from the highest value to the low, e.g. from the highest typical price in the series to the low of the last period.
MaxDrawDownFromHighest Calculates the % DrawDown for each period in the range, and return the highest value calculated within the series
DrawUpFromLowest Returns the % drawup from the lowest value in the period range to the end value. May be calculated on different Types. When Close is specified, the drawup will be from the lowest close in the range to the last close of the range. For the other values, it will be from the lowest value to the high.
MaxDrawUpFromLowest Calculates the % DrawUp for each period in the range, and return the highest value calculated within the series
Included with xlq2
TotalDividends Total or sum of dividends paid within a range of dates
TotalDividendsAdjusted Total or sum of dividends paid within a range of dates (split adjusted)



For any formula using a Type parameter, the following are available:

0 Close
1 Open
2 Low
3 High
4 Typical Price i.e. (high + low + close) / 3
5 Weighted Price i.e. (open + high + low + close) / 4
6 Rate of Return (%Change)
7 Range i.e. High - Low
8 True Range
9 ATR%, i.e. x period ATR as specified in preferences as a % of the last periods close
10 CLOP (close - open)
11 CLOP% (close - open)/open
12 HIOP (high - open)
13 HIOP% (high - open)/open
14 LOOP (low - open)
15 LOOP% (low - open)/open
16 CLLO (close - low)
17 CLLO% (close - low) / low
18 CLHI (close - high)
19 CLHI% (close - high) / high
20 Volume
21 On Balance Volume


Flex Average Types

The Following Types may be used for the Flex. Average, Slope, Intercept and StdDev:

0 SMA (Simple Moving Average)
1 EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
2 DEMA (Double Exponential Moving Average)
3 TEMA (Triple Exponential Moving Average)
4 TrEMA (Triangular Exponential Moving Average)
5 Wilder Moving Average
6 Weighted Moving Average
7 Volume Weighted Moving Average
8 Hull Moving Average



XLQ view

It is also possible to view the historic data directly in xlq

Right click the Q on the task bar (or press alt-ctrl-shift-Q) and choose View data / Historic View


For additional information on parameters press excel's insert function button 'fx' and select the parameter

Open Example

=xlqhOpen("gs",-1,"tda") will return the last (yesterday or prior trading days) opening price for GS from TDAmeritrade

=xlqhOpen("gs",-10) will return the opening price from 10 trading days ago for GS from the default historic data source (set it xlq preferences)

=xlqhOpen("csco","10/30/2014","iqfeed") will return the opening price for 30 October 2014 for CSCO from IQFeed

=xlqhwOpen("csco",-2,"ib") will return the opening price for last week for CSCO from InteractiveBrokers

=xlqhmOpen("amzn",-12,"yahoo") will return the opening price for 12 months ago for AMZN from Yahoo

=xlqhmOpen("amzn",-1,"yahoo") will return the opening price for the current partial month for AMZN from Yahoo

=xlqhOpen(A1,B1,C1) will return the open for the symbol in cell A1, date in cell B1, and source in cell C1

=xlqFx("xlqhOpen","gs","tda",-1) alternative way of entering formula using xlqfx

Mean Example

=xlqxhMean("ibm",-1,5,0,"norgate-us") will return a 5 days simple moving average of the closing price (type 0) as per the last close for IBM from Norgate.

=xlqxhMean("ibm",-10,15,1,"eodhd") will return a 15 days simple moving average of the opening price (type 1) for the period 10 trading days ago for IBM from EODHD.

=xlqxhmMean("aapl",-2,12,2,"tda") will return a 12 month average for the low price of the month up to and including the last full month for AAPL from TDA

=xlqxhMean("aapl",0,20,4,"ib") will return a 20 day average of the typical price (high+low+close)/3 up to and including the real-time price, high and low of the current trading day for AAPL from InteractiveBrokers

=xlqxhMean("cim","31/03/2015",25,0,"iqfeed") will return a 25 day average of the close price as on the 31 march 2015 for CIM from IQfeed

=xlqrhMean("csco",-10,-1) using the range version will return the average from 10 days ago till the last close for the close form the default data source

=xlqrhMean("csco","01/01/2015",-1,3,"iqfeed") will return the average daily high since the start of the year 2015 till (and including) the last close for csco from iqfeed.

=xlqFx("xlqrhMean","csco","iqfeed","01/01/2015",-1,3)alternative way of entering previous formula using xlqfx

Additional examples of all formulae in xlqDemo.xls included with the download.


Reminder: All xlqPlus users may now use xlq2 as xlq2Lite with full compatibility and more
20 May 2021

XLQ2 21.2 released

  • New historic, range and intraday formulae for Median on any of the 21 supported types (close, range, volume, typical price etc).
  • Support more balance sheet, income statement and cashflow data from EODHD
  • Over 60 new advanced formulae for Bonds, Cryptos, ETF's and Funds from EODHD .
  • More. >>

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