Day formulae allow you to work the most recent quote information, which depending on the source can be updated in real-time

These formulae all have the same syntax, i.e. =xlqFunctionName("Symbol", "Source") e.g. =xlqPrice("msft","tda").

  • CoinMarketCap - X minute updates for many cryptocurrencies
  • EODHD - EODHistoricalData provide delayed snapshot data for many exchanges, including for forex, crypto, commodities etc. (requires xlq2)
  • FMP - Financial Modeling Prep provides realtime snapshot data for numerous worldwide markets including forex, crypto, commodities etc. (requires xlq2)
  • IB - Interactivebrokers provide streaming real-time data for the many worldwide exchanges and products they cover, including for equities, indexes, options, futures, forex etc. etc.
  • IQFeed - provide streaming real-time millisecond precision data for the many exchanges and products they cover, including for equities, indexes, options, futures, forex etc. etc.
  • TDA - TDAmeritrade provide streaming real-time data for US equities and indexes. (additional features if using xlq2)
  • Tiingo - Tiingo provide real-time snapshot data for US and Chinese equities, funds and crypto currencies.
  • XLQ2 - XLQ2 (source) provided real-time snapshot data for US equities along with extra information. (requires xlq2)


xlq2Lite and xlq2

EODHD, FMP and Norgate also provide some of the below formuale via their historic data, often with additional detail. Please consult xlq2demo.xlsx for more info.

Yahoo is no longer available as a day source, see historic formulae.

xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
Name Name / Description
Exchange The name or location of the symbol's exchange.
Price The last price traded
Bid The bid price
Ask The ask price
Midpoint The midpoint between bid and ask
LastSize Size of last trade
BidSize Size of last bid
AskSize Size of last ask
Change Days change in price
ChangePercent Days change in price as %
Open Days opening price
PreviousClose Previous days closing price
High High for the day
Low Low for the day
Volume Number of shares bought and sold during the day
AverageVolume Average number of shares bought and sold
TypicalPrice Typical price (High + Low + Last)/3
13WeekLow Lowest price for the stock over the last 13 weeks
13WeekHigh Highest price for the stock over the last 13 weeks
26WeekLow Lowest price for the stock over the last 26 weeks
26WeekHigh Highest price for the stock over the last 26 weeks
52WeekLow Lowest price for the stock over the last 52 weeks
52WeekHigh Highest price for the stock over the last 52 weeks
TradeTime Date / time of last trade
LastUpdate Date / time of last update for symbol
SymbolCount the number of symbols that are currently active for a day source
UninitializedSymbolCount the number of symbols for the source that have not yet received any data from the feed. When a connection with a streaming feed is reset the count will again include all the symbols until re-initialized
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
PricePerEarnings Price / Earnings ratio
PricePerEarningsMkt Price / Earnings ratio on market price
Yield Current percentage dividend yield based on the present cash dividend rate.
MarketCapVal Market Capitalization (multiplying the current Price by the current number of Shares Outstanding).
SharesOutstanding Number of shares of common stock currently outstanding.
PricePerBook Current Price divided by the latest quarterly book value per share
EarningsPerShare Earnings / share as per source (trailing)
EPSEstCurrentYear Current Year analyst consensus EPS estimate or forward eps as provided by the data source.
1YTargetPrice 1 year target price
VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price
Range Days Range, difference between high and low
Spread Spread - difference between ask and bid
PcntOffAveVolume Volume % off Average Volume
ChangeFromOpen Change From Open
ExchangeOfLastTrade Exchange Of Last Trade
MarketHoursChange Market Hours change, i.e. change only during trading hours
ExtTradingDifference Extended Trading Difference i.e. difference between market hours price and last price
IsMarketOpen 1 if market is open if not 0
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
NoOfTradesToday No. of trades today
VolumeRate Volume / minute
TradeRate Trades / minute
MarketHoursLast Market hours last price
BidChange Last change in bid price
AskChange last change in ask price
BidTime Time of bid change
AskTime Time of ask change
Volatility Volatility
PreviousDaysVolume Previous Days Volume
CalendarYearHigh Calendar year high
CalendarYearLow Calendar year low
CalendarYearHighDate Calendar year high date
CalendarYearLowDate Calendar year low date
52WeekHighDate 52 week high date
52WeekLowDate 52 week low date
SecurityType Security Type e.g. stock /index / option
DividendAmount Dividend amount paid
DividendRate Dividend rate
DividendPayDate Dividend pay date
ExDividendDate Ex Dividend date
5YearGrowthPcnt 5 Year Growth %
FiscalYearEnd Fiscal Year End (month)
InstitutionalPcnt Institutional %
Beta Beta
CurrentAssets Current Assets
CurrentLiabilities Current Liabilities
BalanceSheetDate Balance Sheet Date
LTDebt Long term debt
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
HistoricVolatility Historic Volatility
ImpliedVolatility Implied Volatility
Split1Ratio Split Ratio (last)
Split1Date Date of last split
Split2Ratio Split Ratio (prior)
Split2Date Date of prior split
SIC SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
RootOptionSymbols Root Option Symbols (separated by space)
LeapSymbols LeapSymbols
NetAssetValue Net Asset Value (Mutual funds)
OpenInterest Open Interest (options / futures)
Strike Strike
Settle Settle
Delay Delay
AverageMaturity Average Maturity
7DayYield 7 Day Yield
ExpirationDate Expiration Date
DaysToExpiration Days To Expiration
TickID unique tick identification no. (IQFeed)
Currency Currency
OptionCallOpenInterest Option Call Open Interest
OptionPutOpenInterest Option Put Open Interest
OptionCallVolume Option Call Volume
OptionPutVolume Option Put Volume
Delta Delta
Gamma Gamma
Vega Vega
Theta Theta
Rho Rho
Average Option Volume AveOptionVolume
ShortableShares Shortable Shares
IsShortable Will return the following values:
0 is not shortable, .
1 (TDA) will return 1 if it is shortable, .
2 (IB) The contract will be available for short sale if shares can be located .
3 (IB) There are at least 1000 shares available for a short sale
IsHalted Is Halted
AuctionPrice Auction Price
AuctionVolume Auction Volume
AuctionImbalance Auction Imbalance
PriceNonQualifying It is possible to include / exclude non qualifying (odd lot) trades with IQFeed, and still view the last N Q trade here
SizeNonQualifying Size of the last non qualifying trade
TimeNonQualifying Time of the last non qualifying trade
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
Cusip Cusip
AverageVolume10 Average Volume 10 day
AverageVolume3M Average Volume 3 Month
PRRatio Price Revenue Ratio
PCFRatio Price Cash Flow Ratio
QuickRatio Quick Ratio
CurrentRatio Current Ratio
PEG Ratio Price Earings to Growth Ratio
ReturnOnEquity Return On Equity
ReturnOnAssets Return On Assets
GrossMarginTTM Gross Margin TTM
GrossMarginMRQ Gross Margin MRQ
OperatingMarginTTM Operating Margin TTM
OperatingMarginMRQ Operating Margin MRQ
ReturnOnInvestment Return On Investment
InterestCoverage Interest Coverage
TotalDebtToCapital Total Debt To Capital
LTDebtToEquity LTDebt To Equity
TotalDebtToEquity Total Debt To Equity
EPSChangePercentTTM EPS Change Percent TTM
EPSChangeYear EPS Change Year
EPSChange EPS Change
RevenueChangeYear Revenue Change Year
RevenueChangeTTM Revenue Change TTM
RevenueChangeIn Revenue Change In
MarketcapFloat Marketcap Float
RevenueChangeTTM Revenue Change TTM
BookValuePerShare Book Value Per Share
ShortInterestToFloat Short Interest To Float
ShortInterestDaysToCover Short Interest Days To Cover
DividendGrowthrate3Year Dividend Growth rate 3 Year
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
52WeekChange 52 Week Change
Float Float
ttmEPS ttmEPS
200DayMovingAverage 200 Day Moving Average
50DayMovingAverage 50 Day Moving Average
5YearChangePercent 5 Year Change Percent
2YearChangePercent 2 Year Change Percent
1YearChangePercent 1 YearChange Percent
YTDChangePercent YTD Change Percent
6MonthChangePercent 6 Month Change Percent
3MonthChangePercent 3 Month Change Percent
1MonthChangePercent 1 Month Change Percent
5DayChangePercent 5 Day Change Percent
30DayChangePercent 30 Day Change Percent
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
NextEarningsDate Next Earnings Date
DividendPayDate Dividend Pay Date
Industry Industry
Sector Sector
Website Website
HighTime High Time
LowTime Low Time
IEXOpen IEX Open
IEXOpenTime IEX Open Time
IEXLastTradeTime IEX Last Trade Time
IEXClose IEX Close
IEXCloseTime IEX Close Time
OddLotDelayedPrice OddLot Delayed Price
OddlotDelayedPriceTime Oddlot Delayed Price Time
PreviousVolume Previous Volume
VolumeFromIEX Volume From IEX
52WeekHighSplitDivAdj 52 Week Hig hSplit Div Adjusted
52WeekLowSplitDivAdj 52 Week Low Split Div Adjusted
PricePerEarnings Price Per Earnings
Address1 Address 1
Address2 Address 2
State State
City City
Zip Zip
Country Country
Phone Phone
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2
Delete Allows for a symbol to be removed from the xlq data engine programmatically.

With special parameters xlqDelete("RESETCONNECTION","IQFEED") or xlqDelete("RESETCONNECTION","TDA") it is also possible to reset the streaming feed for those sources.
 xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2

Extra formulae supported by CoinMarketCap
In addition to Name, LastPrice, MarketCapVal, TradeTime, LastUpdate
xlq...  Description  EODHD  FMP  IB  IQFeed  TDA  Tiingo  XLQ2


XLQ view

It is also possible to view the day data directly in xlq

Right click the Q on the task bar (or press alt-ctrl-shift-Q) and choose View data / Day View (streaming) or Day List


For additional information press excel's insert function button 'fx'


=xlqPrice("gs","yahoo") will return the last price for GS from Yahoo

=xlqPrice("EUR.USD[IDEALPRO,CASH,USD]","ib") will return the last eur / usd rate from InteractiveBrokers.

=xlqBid("msft_101615C44.5","TDA") will return the last bid for 16 Oct 2015 $44.5 option call for Microsoft from TDAmeritrade.

=xlqNoOfTradesToday("aapl","iqfeed") will return the number of trades for today for Apple from IQFeed

=xlqChangePercent(O$1) will return the change as a % for the symbol in O1 from the default source.

=xlqFx("xlqPrice","gs","yahoo") alternative way of entering formula using xlqfx

=xlqFxStatic("xlqPrice","gs","yahoo") same as above but will only update when alt-ctrl-f9 is pressed.

Additional examples of all formulae in xlqDemo.xlsx included with the download.
New Tips and Tricks Page
  • A quick reference guide to using xlq with excel including shortcuts, tips etc.

  • Examples and explanations for all user levels.
Also available via the Resource menu above, along with references for formulae, symbols etc.


5 December 2023

XLQ2 23.7 released

  • Financial Modeling Prep (FMP) added as new source
    • covers Multiple markets
    • Realtime Snapshot data
    • Historic day / week / month (may be dividend adjusted)
    • Financials
    • Earnings
    • Dividends, splits
    • Historic intraday
    • Insider transactions
    • Subscriptions start at $14.25 per month
    More >>
  • Yahoo - xlqhName and xlqhExchange are now supported.
  • Tiingo - xlqName and xlqExchange are now supported.
  • More. >>

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