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13 February 2015

XLQ 5.2 released

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Users Comments
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It is a pleasure doing business with such a responsive person who obviously understands the value of good customer service. I have just registered and intend to make good use of this program. - E.D.
Your fast and thorough answer is more than what I expected. Your service is awesome and your product is very stable. Keep up with your good work.
Sincerely appreciated :) - V.P.
Very much enjoying the package so far. - P.C
Just a note to let you know that I really like you software. It's a wonderful interface that has been of great utility to me. - J.B.
Your software is just what I have needed. It provides me with the capability to customize data and construct charts which give me the views I like - not just what someone thinks I would like. - D.E.
Firstly, let me say that the philosophy and idea behind XLQ is exactly what I am looking for. - S.P.
The more I use XLQ the more I appreciate what can be done with it. - S.M.
Just like to say, excellent work.  A potentially good bit of software for me. - M.C.
I love your product so far. ... Thank you for making such product available. - A.T.
Thanks for the Tip. You know, your program is really super. - P.B.
Regarding to XLQ, which I think is truly fantastic!!, I have the following ideas / suggestions / wishes ... - L.B.
Your product is wonderful! Keep up the good work . - N.F.
Great software!  Simple, elegant, well-thought-out and fast. - R.M.
I am always finding new ways to use your program in my investment / speculative Market endeavors. - S.S
Thanks for such a wonderful product. It certainly does handle my most precious need which is to monitor the market realtime.. - W.B


  •  XLQ    /    XLQCompanion

  • An intelligent way to work with all kinds of stock data in excel

  • An easy way to manage your portfolio and track trailing stops, gains etc.

  • A way to perform custom in-depth market analysis without being limited by the design of a program's interface.

  • A way to work with stock data in your own program through a COM interface.

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QMatix offers a modern solution for stock market analysis, freelance software development (in particular C++, Excel, COM and grid based solutions)

All services are provided on a telework basis to companies around the world since 1998




Working from my home office, I offer custom programming and application maintenance on a telework basis since 1998. Concentrating on Visual C++, I have over 25 years programming experience working with small businesses and large corporations.

If you have a project, send me an email with your requirements.


After working for the headquarters of a large IT multinational, consolidating their financial results and covering their management reporting, I developed specialized software optimizing subsidiary reporting procedures  bringing the advantages of corporate reporting needs to local management.

It was with this experience that I developed a complete management reporting solution which was used for a number of years by multiple companies around the world.

XLQ finds its roots in this work.

If you would like to find out more about these programs, click here.


About Me

Software Development (and C++)

With over 25 years of programming experience, I have developed applications for the small business and large corporation, from the small utility (or library) to realtime financial trading systems. From in-house application to commercial product.

My main development tool is Microsoft's Visual C++ (ver. 11.0 / i.e. Visual Studio 2012), but as a member of the Microsoft Developer Network I also have all other Microsoft development tools, knowledge bases, operating systems and development version of their primary business applications (including betas). Using C++, I also concentrate on the following technologies: MFC, COM, XLL, DAO, ADO and Grid based applications. (I have also worked on projects using ASP.Net and C#.)

I use C++, not only because it produces the fastest executables, but the language structure blends itself well with a windows environment, and allows for flexibility, easier maintenance and future enhancements. And yes, it is more fun to use.

"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg." - Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++

My first computer was a commodore VIC20. From 1984, working for the local computer shop, I wrote programs after school for local businesses. These were all in Basic, initially on CP/M machines and then the first PCs. Later using dBase, and then Clipper (my first choice in a language up until the days of Windows.)

On graduating, I went on to study 'Computer Data Processing' for another 3 years, and during that time in 1988, I became self employed developing applications in Clipper and C.

In mid 1989 I joined the headquarters of a large IT multinational, where in addition to management reporting and consolidating their financial results, I developed a range of applications for internal use, for both the HQ and the local subsidiaries. I primarily used Clipper and C, but also RPG and Synon and later C++.

In 1995 I joined an international money and foreign exchange broker, where I developed and maintained front office trading and back office applications, using Visual C++, Powerbuilder, Excel, Access and Informix.

Since the beginning of 1998 I registered my own company, concentrating on C++ software development and providing my software products and services to companies around the world on a telework basis.

I work on a telecommute basis from my house via the internet. If you are interested in my services, require further information, or wish to discuss the possibilities of a project, please email me at  leov@qmatix.com


I, since 1998, have been a telecommuter, or more appropriately teleworker. Working from my home office, I have developed software, maintained and supported my applications, and assisted my customers as needed, including on other continents.

It is a means of working which I enjoy as it offers flexibility, diversity, freedom and a challenge. The users of my software, my clients and myself all benefit with the flexibility and directness which fills the gap in standard employer/employee, company/contractor and business/business relations.

As every customers needs are different, so too are the agreement possibilities, with the most common being by group of 50 hours.

Teleworking is in its early days, but with the flexibility and financial benefits that it offers both companies and the teleworker, I believe that it will become a much more common form of partnership as time goes by.  

Equipped with high speed internet access, the latest hardware, software and development tools, I probably have all that is needed to begin working with you.

If you feel that there may be a service that I may be able to provide your company on a telework basis, please let me know on   leov@qmatix.com.

About Me



 My name is Leo van Rijswijk. My mother tongue is English with my day to day language now being French.  I am 47, married, have a son and daughter and live in south-western France.

 If you are reading this, after having read the other sections of my web page, you have a pretty good idea what I do and have done. During that time, job changes and relocations have led me to live in London (England), Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg, Johannesburg (South Africa) and Lugano (Switzerland).

Due to job requirements I had the privilege of traveling on a number of  occasions to the USA, to most European countries, around Asia and Australia and to Canada.

I have since, established my office from home, where I now develop software and support my users and customers around the world.

You may contact me on leov@qmatix.com

 If you require further information or have any suggestions please contact:  webmaster@QMatix.com

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