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 13 February 2015

XLQ 5.2 released

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New Users
  • The download below installs a fully functional version of xlqPlus, (with no features disabled or nag screens etc.), allowing you to evaluate XLQ at no cost or risk.
  • If you decide to keep using XLQ, you must register by clicking the Purchase option above and following instructions. The registration process uses secure forms. Upon registering, you will immediately receive your registration code, which will allow you to continue using the product past the initial evaluation period, without an additional download.
  • The evaluation period is 45 days, after which the program will warn you that the evaluation period will expire, and if XLQ continues running unregistered, no new data will be retrieved, although XLQ will continue to function and you may continue evaluating it with previously retrieved data.
  • If you decide not to register, you may simply uninstall XLQ from the Control Panel Add/Remove Program option.

Note that the initial 45 day evaluation period is not renewable and still applies to reinstalls and new releases.

Existing Users
  • If you are updating a prior installation, you may install the below download, without uninstalling the prior version. This will update the installation keeping all your preferences and registration details.
  • If you are changing from a 32 bit installation to a 64 bit (or vice versa), it is recommended to uninstall first to avoid having duplicate and different installations.
  • If you choose to uninstall first, doing so will also delete any stored preferences and market data files (but not personal data). When re-installing you will need to enter your registration code and change any preferences from their defaults.

If your license has expired, you will need to renew it in order for this new version to function. Before downloading and installing you can verify your license by right clicking on the Q in the task bar (while xlq is running) and choosing “About”. If the “Good for updates through” date is earlier than today, you should renew your license from here.

XLQ 5.2a  
32 bit xlqLite / xlqPlus (includes xlqCompanion) Choose Download

For 32 bit windows
(Vista and later)

or 64 bit windows using a 32 bit version of excel

Filename : XLQInstall52.exe
Release Date: 24 February 2015
Size : 8.6 Mb
click HERE to download
64 bit  
For 64 bit windows
(Vista and later)
using a 64 bit version of excel
Filename : XLQ64Install52.exe
Release Date: 24 February 2015
Size : 9.8 Mb
click HERE to download
Windows XP    
For Windows XP only.(for use with 32 bit excel) Filename : XLQInstall52XP.exe
Release Date: 24 February 2015
Size : 8.5 Mb
click HERE to download
(more info on which version to choose) (click here for full program history)  

If you have not been notified that a new release is available, please ensure that I have your latest email address.

Registered users who wish to participate in using beta releases should email me .


If you have any problems downloading, please send a note to Support@qmatix.com

 If  you require further information or have any suggestions please contact:  webmaster@QMatix.com

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