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Users Comments
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It is a pleasure doing business with such a responsive person who obviously understands the value of good customer service. I have just registered and intend to make good use of this program. - E.D.
Your fast and thorough answer is more than what I expected. Your service is awesome and your product is very stable. Keep up with your good work.
Sincerely appreciated :) - V.P.
Very much enjoying the package so far. - P.C
Just a note to let you know that I really like you software. It's a wonderful interface that has been of great utility to me. - J.B.
Your software is just what I have needed. It provides me with the capability to customize data and construct charts which give me the views I like - not just what someone thinks I would like. - D.E.
Firstly, let me say that the philosophy and idea behind XLQ is exactly what I am looking for. - S.P.
The more I use XLQ the more I appreciate what can be done with it. - S.M.
Just like to say, excellent work.  A potentially good bit of software for me. - M.C.
I love your product so far. ... Thank you for making such product available. - A.T.
Thanks for the Tip. You know, your program is really super. - P.B.
Regarding to XLQ, which I think is truly fantastic!!, I have the following ideas / suggestions / wishes ... - L.B.
Your product is wonderful! Keep up the good work . - N.F.
Great software!  Simple, elegant, well-thought-out and fast. - R.M.
I am always finding new ways to use your program in my investment / speculative Market endeavors. - S.S
Thanks for such a wonderful product. It certainly does handle my most precious need which is to monitor the market realtime.. - W.B
XLQ (XLQlite/ XLQplus) offers an all-in-one solution providing market data simultaneously to:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • xlqCompanion (xlqPlus)
  • All programming languages (supporting COM)
  • Any program with a COM interface
  • Directly in the window's task bar

Key Features include:

  • Over 300 different formulae.
  • Work with multiple data sources simultaneously (free and subscription).
  • Historic, Streaming, Realtime, Delayed and intraday quotes.
  • Detailed fundamental data (xlq provides an excel and com interface to AAII's renowned Stock Investor Pro Database).
  • Covers worldwide stock, index, fund, options, futures and currency data.
  • Built in Trailing stop calculations and alerts via xlqCompanion.
  • May be used through VBA to create custom formulae and analysis routines as well as via excel charts.
  • XLQ is digitally signed allowing it to work on computers with tightened security.

XLQ connects automatically to excel allowing you to work with data in a layout and format that you want, allowing for complex in-depth analysis to simple portfolio management. If you know how to use excel, you already know how to use xlq. (an example xlqDemo.xls is provided with the install)
Simply enter =xlqPrice("YHOO") into an Excel cell and you will begin receiving up to date data for Yahoo! automatically.
Enter =xlqhVolume("msft",-1) will automatically display yesterdays volume for Microsoft. 
Enter =xlqhHighestHigh("IBM","1/1/2013") and xlq will return the highest price for IBM since the beginning of the year.

XLQ is offered in 2 licenses (1 download), allowing you to choose the functionality you need. XLQplus includes xlqCompanion, support for AAII's Stock Investor Pro, Streaming and historic equity, options and futures data from IQFeed and Interactive Brokers. Streaming US equities and options from TDAmeritrade, and around 60 additional day formulae and numerous additional historic formulae (including for ranges).


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XLQ is a 32bit multithreaded C++ application which functions independent of Microsoft Excel but integrates with Excel via COM (and other)  technology, allowing the fastest possible processing speeds while not interfering with the Excel users work experience. XLQ does not use DDE technology, nor is it a VBA-Add-in and contains no Visual Basic, VBA code or OCX's.

Streaming Real-time Data from TDAmeritrade


watch a screen recording using xlq in excel with TDAmeritrade

xlqPlus supports streaming real-time data for US equities and options from TDAmeritrade.

  • Streaming real-time data for US Equities and Options (up to 600 simultaneous symbols).

  •  Intraday backfill and historic data for US Equities.

  • Market Data is free for (non-professional) TDAmeritrade Account Holders. - No monthly data fees or maintenance costs.
    (ThinkOrSwim account holders would need to open a standard TDA Account, as a ToS login does not connect to the correct platform.)

To find out more about their services, click here




Streaming Real-time Data from Interactive Brokers

xlqPlus supports streaming real-time data as well as intraday backfill and historic data from Interactive Brokers

  • Interactive Brokers provides direct access trade execution and clearing services to individuals, advisors, institutions, and brokers at deep discount commissions.

  • Interactive Brokers premier technology allows customers to trade stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds on over 50 markets worldwide from a single IB Universal account at best execution prices. 

  • Interactive Brokers and its affiliates execute over 20% of US options trades, and IB Group was ranked by Institutional Investor as the 16th largest US securities firm with $2.1 billion in capital.

To find out more about their services, click here




Streaming Real-time Data from IQFeed

xlqPlus supports streaming real-time data from IQFeed.net
  • Millisecond Precision.
  • Streaming real-time data for US and Canadian Equities.
  • Real-time or Delayed Options and International Futures data.
  • Intraday backfill
  • Historic Day / Week and Month Data.
  • xlqPlus includes almost 50 additional formulae covering their detailed quote data.

To find out more about their services, click here (Their $50 startup fee is waived for xlq users)

You will also need to download their client software, which you can do from here



Windows XP to 8.1
Excel 97 to 2013
32 and 64 bit

see videos of xlq


(All licenses, xlqPlus license)
(click here for full program history)  

13 February 2015
Version 5.2 released

<more details>

New xlqxh calculation process. Can reduce opening and refresh times of large workbooks by up to 70%.
Google is now supported as a day source.
TDAmeritrade data handling has been improved
 and a lot more...
 For a complete list click


Support for AAII's Stock Investor Pro

xlqPlus provides formulae allowing you to use all of AAII's Stock Investor pro data in excel and through xlq's COM interface, allowing for new levels of custom analysis.

Over 3000 data points for around 10000 companies covering quarterly and yearly historic P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow.

As well as valuations, estimates, growth, multiples and ratios of all sorts. (including for sector and industry.)

  • Create spreadsheets analyzing detailed financial data (sample aaiiDemo.xls provided)
  • Work with the data without knowing the symbol to find the investment that matches your requirements (sample aaiiMacro.xls provided)
  • Can work with up to 5 different databases simultaneously, allowing for numerous back testing possibilities.

Click here to find out more about Stock Investor Pro

XLQlite Features
  • Numerous Excel formulae (see below for full list).

  • XLQ Data engine, including the stock manager and data views available by right clicking the Q in the task bar.

  • All XLQ formulae may also be used via a COM interface from any program or programming language supporting COM. Examples are provided for C++, C#, Visual Basic and Word.

  • XLQ offers various configuration options including update times and frequency, production of .csv files, proxy support and status views.

  • Supports free data sources covering US market data as well as UK, European, and most international exchanges. Multiple data sources may be used simultaneously.

  • A Sample spreadsheet and help file is provided showing functionality and usage examples.

Additional XLQplus Features
  • xlqCompanion, an additional program allowing you to display data via multiple tabs, each with a custom configuration of column settings. Covering Market, fundamental and transaction data, xlqCompanion can be a portfolio manager, a stock alert system (including for trailing stops and highs and lows), a "what-if' analyzer, market classifying system, or all at the same time

  • Support for AAII's Stock Investor Pro database, providing formulae for heaps of financial and fundamental data.

  • Support for IQFeed's streaming realtime, intraday backfill and historic equity, options and futures quotes.

  • Support for Interactive Brokers streaming real-time data (and intraday backfill), as well as daily and weekly historic data (including for options).

  • Support for TDAmeritrade streaming real-time data for US equities and options

  • Well over 100 Additional formulae providing detailed quote information as well as the historical range data, allowing you to find the highest close within a period range etc.

Excel Formulae (all historic formulae have Weekly and Monthly Equivalents)
Additional formulae available with xlqPlus shown in blue (certain formulae are only available from specific data sources)
"Day" Formulae
Name Exchange Open Previous Close Change
Price Bid Ask High Change Percent
Last Size Bid Size Ask Size Low Trade Time
Volume Average Volume 52 Week Low 52 Week High Shares Outstanding
Price / Earnings P / E (Mkt) Market Cap Market Cap (Mkt) Yield
Earnings per Share EPS est. Current Year EPS est. Next Year EPS est. Next Qtr. Short Ratio
Dividend per Share Price per Sales Price per Book Price per Earnings Growth EBITDA
Exchange of last trade  Market Hours Change Ext. Trading Difference Market Hours Last Volatility
No. of Trades today Previous Days Volume % off Ave. Volume Change From Open Range
Spread Bid Change Ask Change 52 week High Date 52 week Low Date
Calendar Year High Calendar Year Low Calendar Year High Date Calendar Year Low Date Security Type
Dividend Amount Dividend Rate Dividend Pay Date Ex. Dividend Date 5 year Growth %
Beta Institutional % Current Assets Current Liabilities Balance Sheet Date
Fiscal Year End Long Term Debt Historic Volatility SIC Root Option Symbols
Split Ratio 1 Split Ratio 1 Date Split Ratio 2 Split Ratio 2 Date Leap Symbols
Net Asset Value Open Interest Strike Settle Delay
Average Maturity 7 Day Yield Expiration Date Days to Expiration VWAP
13 Week Low 13 Week High 26 Week Low 26 Week High Implied Volatility
Option Call Open Interest Option Put Open Interest Option Call Volume Option Put Volume Typical Price
Delta Gamma Vega Theta Rho
"IntraDay" Formulae
Price Bid Ask Time Change
Size Bid Size Ask Size Volume Total Volume
Period Open Period Close Period High Period Low
SMA EMA Average Range (SMA) Average Range (EMA) Ave. True Range (SMA)
Ave. True Range (EMA) Ave True Range (Weighted) Average Volume (SMA) Average Volume (EMA)
Ave. Gain Ave. Loss Relative Strength RSI Kaufman Efficiency Ratio
Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) PPO Trigger PPO Histogram Commodity Channel Index
MACD MACD Trigger MACD Histogram Force Index
SMA of Typical Price (SMATP) Mean Deviation of SMATP Parabolic SAR (PSAR) Trix
Slope Least Square Moving Average Max LSMA DMI+ DMI-
Directional Index Average DX Keltner Channels Vortex Indicator ATR%
"Historic" Formulae
Open Close High Low Volume
Change Change Percent Range Average Range True Range
Custom EMA 1 Custom EMA 2 Custom SMA 1 Custom SMA 2 Average True Range
12 Day EMA 26 Day EMA MACD MACD Trigger MACD Histogram
Directional Movement + Directional Movement - Directional Indicator + Directional Indicator - Directional Index
Relative Date Index Earliest Date No of Periods Time of Last Update Date
No. of Trades (IB only) Weighted Ave. Price (IB) Open Interest (IQFeed) Unadjusted Close (Yahoo) Kaufman Efficiency Ratio 
DMI+ DMI- Average DX Average Gain Average Loss
Relative Strength RSI Typical Price SMA of Typical Price (SMATP) Mean Deviation of SMATP
Williams %R Bollinger Bands Stochastics %k and %d fast, slow and full Parabolic SAR (PSAR) Force Index
Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) PPO Trigger PPO Histogram Trix Rate of Return
ConnorsRSI Streak Percent Rank Historic Volatility Fractal Dimension
Keltner Channels Vortex Indicator ATR %    
Commodity Channel Index Least Square Moving Average. (LSMA) also known as linear regression value, moving linear regression and regression oscillator
xlqxh "Historic" Formulae - calculated on the fly for the period range specified in the formula
SMA EMA Average Range (SMA) Average Range (EMA) Ave. True Range (SMA)
Ave. True Range (EMA) Ave True Range (Weighted) Average Volume (SMA) Average Volume (EMA) Average Gain / Loss
Relative Strength RSI MACD MACD Trigger MACD Histogram
SMA of Typical Price (SMATP) Mean Deviation of SMATP Commodity Channel Index Directional Movement Indicator + and - Directional Index
Average Directional Index (ADX) Least Square Moving Average. Slope of LSMA Max LSMA (Least Square Moving Average. )
Williams %R Bollinger Bands StdDev (Standard Deviation) Stochastics %k and %d fast, slow and full 
Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) PPO Trigger PPO Histogram Kaufman Efficiency Ratio
ReverseRSI ReverseConnorsRSI ConnorsRSI Streak PercentRank
Historic Volatility Fractal Dimension Parabolic SAR (PSAR) Force Index Trix
Keltner Channels Vortex Indicator ATR % Rate of Return Mean
"Historic Range" Formulae (xlqPlus Only)
Highest Close Lowest Close Highest High Lowest Low
Highest Close Date Lowest Close Date Highest High Date Lowest Low Date
Highest Volume Lowest Volume Highest Volume Date Lowest Volume Date
Total Volume Average Volume Rate of Return Standard Deviation
% Drawdown from Highest Max Drawdown from Highest % Drawup from Lowest Max Drawup from Lowest
Other Formula (xlqPlus Only)
=xlqAAII / xlqAAIIDescrip retrieves over 2800 data points from AAII Stock Investor Pro
e.g. =xlqAAII("msft", "GrossIncomeQ_X",1) will display the quarterly gross income for the latest available quarter.

If you require further information or have any suggestions please contact:  webmaster@QMatix.com

All other product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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