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13 February 2015

XLQ 5.2 released

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Users Comments
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It is a pleasure doing business with such a responsive person who obviously understands the value of good customer service. I have just registered and intend to make good use of this program. - E.D.
Your fast and thorough answer is more than what I expected. Your service is awesome and your product is very stable. Keep up with your good work.
Sincerely appreciated :) - V.P.
Very much enjoying the package so far. - P.C
Just a note to let you know that I really like you software. It's a wonderful interface that has been of great utility to me. - J.B.
Your software is just what I have needed. It provides me with the capability to customize data and construct charts which give me the views I like - not just what someone thinks I would like. - D.E.
Firstly, let me say that the philosophy and idea behind XLQ is exactly what I am looking for. - S.P.
The more I use XLQ the more I appreciate what can be done with it. - S.M.
Just like to say, excellent work.  A potentially good bit of software for me. - M.C.
I love your product so far. ... Thank you for making such product available. - A.T.
Thanks for the Tip. You know, your program is really super. - P.B.
Regarding to XLQ, which I think is truly fantastic!!, I have the following ideas / suggestions / wishes ... - L.B.
Your product is wonderful! Keep up the good work . - N.F.
Great software!  Simple, elegant, well-thought-out and fast. - R.M.
I am always finding new ways to use your program in my investment / speculative Market endeavors. - S.S
Thanks for such a wonderful product. It certainly does handle my most precious need which is to monitor the market realtime.. - W.B


Management Reporting

I began with management reporting in 1989 working for the headquarters of a large IT multinational,  I assisted in the consolidation of their subsidiaries in 27 countries and the preparation of the reporting for the board of directors. 

From 1992, changing focus from consolidating results from a HQs point of view, I worked on optimizing the subsidiaries reporting procedures and introducing the benefits of corporate management applications for local reporting purposes. It was with the local users that I developed my first applications allowing automated mapping of local ledgers to a corporate reporting package.  During this time, I traveled frequently installing my applications in the USA, and across Europe, Asia and in Australia.

After moving away from corporate reporting to develop and maintain front office trading and back office systems for a large money broker, I later wrote QMan, QRep and QStar to provide a complete management reporting solution. This software was used for a number of years by companies around the world to cover all reporting needs, including:

  • Automated conversion of a local ledger into a corporate reporting package.

  • Consolidation of local entities in multiple currencies, as well as regional and corporate results.

  • Flexible reporting  viewed and reported directly within Microsoft Excel via high-speed formulas.

  • Along with current financial results, historical, budget and forecast data is also maintained.

QMan, QStar and QRep are no longer maintained, but ...

these programs have proven themselves over time and have been used in multiple countries by large corporations. Demonstration versions are available. If you are interested in purchasing the source code (c++ / mfc) to improve on your own internal reporting needs, or to expand your current commercial applications, please contact me.

The code is the result of years of work and covers many complexities of reporting needs discovered by the users over time.

I can initially provide you with demonstration versions of the programs, which are fully functional (although cannot be reconfigured). The demonstration version of QMan, QRep and QStar are fully loaded with prior, actual and budget data for 6 entities allowing you to evaluate the applications in a working environment.

If you would like to receive  further information, the demo programs or the documentation (in word format) please email me at leov@QMatix.com

 To find out more about each application, continue reading below.


QStar converts the results of a local general ledger into the format and requirements of a corporate reporting package, taking into account division by thousands, exchange rate conversion, rounding eliminations, and 'fine-tuning' - ensuring that like balances in a reporting tie (and correspond with the ledger).

 It eliminates those time consuming hours needed to prepare a reporting package, avoids re-keying data, and ensures accuracy and faster reporting by allowing the user to concentrate on the ledger and the closing of the books for the month. In addition QStar analyses the ledger data, and tracks imbalances between reports down to the individual ledger accounts. 

Having a centrally maintained chart of accounts (containing reporting logic), the local user need only maintain the mapping information on how to convert the local ledger. This is primarily a one time process, with maintenance depending on reporting or ledger changes. A Conversion table allows the user to map, with the use of wildcards, the local ledger accounts to the reporting structure. An allocation table allows the user to further adapt the ledger results to the required reporting breakdown, allocating data by fixed amount, percentage, or relative to the balances of other accounts. A Non Ledger table caters for all data that is not reported from the ledger such as headcount. The reported balances are automatically updated while the user modifies the tables, allowing the user to 'zoom in', seeing exactly what accounts are reported from the ledger.

 At month end,  the user need only load an extract from the ledger and click 'perform', which prepares the reporting package. If the ledger structure allows, additional departmental spending data is automatically extracted and the output files created, which may in turn be loaded into QMan.

Once the user has performed a reporting, full information is provided in a series of interactive reports showing how the ledger data was mapped, what allocations were performed, if rounding and fine-tuning adjustments were applied etc. In addition an exception report shows all information the reporting finds incorrect, illogical or unmapped.


QMan is the data repository, storing all aspects of company data including financial results, budgets, forecasts, headcount etc. Each site has their own QMan containing local data, and regional and head office sites containing sub-entity and consolidated results. QMan stores the data and applies all reporting and consolidation logic. Data stored in QMan may be viewed by multiple users in Microsoft Excel via QRep, allowing users and management alike to view the data the way they want to, without the need to learn something new (or create their own copy of the data.)

QMan's logic is centrally maintained, with local users receiving updated logic files, which are simply applied by selecting 'maintenance'. Each QMan may have multiple applications. With each application having multiple data categories, its own chart of accounts and its own consolidation hierarchy, with no imposed limits. And each category having multiple periods. 

This allows each company to package the data as they wish. e.g. a company may have applications covering department spending and financial results. Each application having data categories for current financial data, prior fiscal years, budget and forecast data. Another may prefer to have individual applications for financial and budget data.

Each application has its own logic files defining accounts, sub accounts, sub totals, totals and calculation logic along with the entity consolidation structure.

QMan accepts data from QStar (a local entity preparing their reporting), from another QMan (a regional entity consolidating the reported results of a local entity), or from Excel and QRep, allowing users to prepare budget and forecast data, and then store it allowing others to share the data, ensuring all are looking at the same and last results.


QRep hooks into Microsoft Excel, and establishes a high speed link to all data within QMan via formulae. This allows multiple users to view and generate reports and graphs accessing the same common data, with the tools they know. 

Allows a report to be created once and used for different entities / periods etc, by simply changing the parameters. Formulae are available to retrieve financial results as well as entity / period / application / account and sub account descriptions, allowing for the creation of complex reports within minutes.

There are formulas that not only retrieve data from QMan, but write data allowing for additional reporting data, budgets and forecasts to be easily prepared and integrated into the core reporting package, including formulas for multi-currency updates.  

QRep allows for the creation of complex analytical spreadsheets, eliminating the usual tangle of links between workbooks,  ensuring accuracy, portability, and re-use.



 If you require further information or have any suggestions please contact:  webmaster@QMatix.com

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